9 Billion Genome Project

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Billion Genome Project (BiG project)

Jong Bhak


BiG (billion genome) project is a human genome project to sequence every one on Earth. It aims to collect all the associated phenotype information of the participants. It is a voluntary project and will be funded by diverse funding sources. The data produced will be processed continuously in the future by the future generation. It is an open project where people can participate in and make the data publically known upon consent. 

To store and process data, bioinformatics team (BiO infomation team: Bit) will be formed to develop a pipeline that serves the data. The data will be stored in one place and part of the data will be distributed upon request. The hardware and software of the project will be from commonly available sources. 

The raw data will be sequences with sequencing parameters included. The primary analysis data will be variation information. The secondary data will be genetic data. The tertiary data will be value added knoweldge data from bioinformatics applications.

The data will be linked with phenotype data that are donated by the participants. The assiciation data will be accumulated to a data base (associome).


PSB talk abstract:


Abstract: BiG project is a human genome project that aims to sequence

all the human beings on Earth and process all the genomes, transcriptomes,

epigenomes, and microbiomes associated with the genomes.

It is an open project and invites everyone on Earth. It accomodates PGP (personal

genome project) protocols that can be adapted to each participating national.

The informatics pipeline (BiG project Information Tools: BIT) will be built to

store, analyze, and distribute the data. Possible data processing issues will be

discussed for BIG project. This presentation will be an opening for questions, 

suggestions, and opinions on how to process such a large scale genomic data.